Introducing XMD ToolBox 2.0! Now available for macOS and Windows!

Hey hey!

The time has come! I am very excited to announce that after a year and a half of development, we are now ready to release the XMD ToolBox 2.0! We have made a HUGE overhaul to the entire plugin and app and guess what, it is now available for macOS! 

ToolBox 2.0 has a ton of new features:

  • macOS and Windows Compatible!
  • Compatibility with the latest ZBrush 2021
  • Added support for Brushes, Alphas, Lightcaps, Matcaps, Projects, Tools, Fibers, Textures and more!
  • Everything is collapsible!
  • Add a description, categories, tags and filters for any asset
  • Save any assets in favorite tabs for ease of use
  • Name and browse your ZBrush UI customizations
  • Organize your macros
  • Improved Tagging
  • Streamlined the Filtering
  • Better Search
  • New and improved UI and Performance
  • Create favorite sets with multiple asset types
  • And More!

You have a few options to get the ToolBox 2.0. First of all if you are already a Lifetime member. It is yours! Come and get it. 

For a VERY limited time you can get 50% off the LifeTime Membership at XMDSource and Gumroad with 

coupon codelaunch50

Check out the main page. There are several options available. 

We even have Studio licenses. You can get The premium membership for the entire studio!


If you are already a member, just login and download.

Standalone ToolBox 2.0

Life-Time Membership (Includes the ToolBox) -

If all goes well I will be creating a setup walkthrough video for the ToolBox this weekend.

If you have any issues put in a ticket at This is a huge release! Hopefully everything runs smoothly :)



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